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Hi! I’m Emlen. Host and Creator of the Minority Money Podcast. 

I’m here to show you through my own experiences, and the experiences of our guests, how you can be part of the movement to change the complexion of wealth

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You are frustrated with the discrepancies of the financial status among Americans and know that somehow it can all change. This podcast was born with that same belief.

 Currently, for every $100 a white family has a black family has $5. The numbers for other minority groups are just as staggering. Let’s do something about that together. 

Being a minority myself and with a personal background that checks all the boxes for living a substandard financial life, I turned things around. I know our audience can too (if you haven’t already!)

Changing the complexion of wealth is about educating the public around finances, personal health, wealth, and fitness. 

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Great podcasts to financial inspiration and insight

Me, my family, and friends all love the Minority Money podcast!! Emlen (the host) is an amazing ambassador for financial literacy and each episode is full of gems for anyone to appreciate, regardless of where you are on your financial journey. Guest speakers really represent – they embody a diverse spectrum of demographics, experiences, and specialties. More importantly, the platform elevates meaningful conversations – everything from financial freedom to real estate, to social justice, gets featured throughout the season. There’s no shortage of information out there, but this podcast makes the short-list for financial wellness.


Listeners…. please share with your network. Help put-on for your peers. This is not a spectator sport – Changing the complexion of wealth starts with us doing the little things. Listen, learn, apply, repeat!

Favorite new podcast discovery

I loved the We Need to Talk series and Emlen’s mission to change the complexion of wealth and now I’m listening to the earlier episodes. I’m a fellow financial planner and a new member of the Minority Money fan club—great work and great shows!

Something we can all learn from

Two episodes in and I’m left wanting more. Emlen has a talent for being on the microphone and bringing issues to the fore. Can’t wait to see the direction he takes this podcast. This is great!

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