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097: Health & Fitness Mash-Up!

Being healthy and staying healthy is an important part of your overall lifestyle. Don't just do what's right for your finances, do what's right for your body as well! If you want to be a well-rounded, healthy individual, then you're in luck, 'cause today's topic is...

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095: Mother’s Day Special

Mother's day was yesterday but I still wanted to dedicate today's episode to all the loving and hardworking mothers out there! You guys are queen! I know mother's day is a happy holiday but for me, this day is a very emotional time for me. In this episode, I'll share...

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093: The Fundamentals of Finance

I had always been someone to think that income was what I wanted to chase.  I thought in order to make it, having a six-figure income was the cure for all until I learned that there is more to achieving financial success than having a high income. Today I’m...

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